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2130 CE. 

The edge of the galaxy.

Shot down by pirates, you crash land on infamous planet D7. 

Devastated long ago in the war against the Outer Darkness, D7 is cloaked in forests that writhe with mutations. Charged with infernal energies, the atmosphere strikes out at the soul, triggering paranoia and hallucinations. Anyone who lands there goes terminally insane … if the monsters don’t get them first …

You drag yourself from the ship, injured but alive. You jettisoned your energy reserves as you fell - if you can find those, maybe - just maybe - you can repair your ship. But night is falling and whatever lives in the forest is stirring …

Keep the creatures at bay - find your energy reserves - escape the planet of delirium - or be destroyed!


To 'win' you need to collect 4 shiny ship parts, which will activate the end scene. 

A Game by Jack Kaloger, James Macaronas, Alastair Macfarlane , Owen McGinley & Brittany Wetherspoon

Made for Mix and Game Jam October '19 which the theme was 'Dimension Change'. For this challenge, we translated 'looking behind you', inspired by Outlast's chase mechanics, from three dimensions into two dimensions! 

All artwork and content is original and made by us, if you liked it please leave a rating, hope you enjoy!


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